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Jheison Huerta was born in the heart of the Peruvian Andes: Huaraz.

In 2005
he finished his university studies in Administration and Commercial Management in Italy. For 05 years he worked as commercial manager of the prestigious MM Architecture and Communication Studio in Italy.

In 2010
she returns to her homeland, Huaraz (Peru), where she opens her own communication studio called New Concept and collaborates with companies in communication consultancies. At the same time he began his preparation and training in landscape photography.

Along the way he discovers in the field of wide field astrophotography his area of interest and on which he will focus his next photographic projects.

In 2014
he created the group Astrofoto Andes, holding the first group workshops and initiating an important diffusion at national level.

In 2015
he was a finalist in the photographic contest organized by the Centro de la Imagen, Canon and the newspaper El Comercio.

The year 2016
during the stellar season begins to include foreign guests as part of the dissemination of the photographic theme. That year he shares workshops with photographer Ivan Castro (Sony Global Ambassador) and Colombian astrophotographer Camilo Jaramillo (Olympus Ambassador).

In 2017
he held his first international photographic workshop in Bolivia and consolidated the photographic workshops in the Cordillera Blanca receiving more than 100 participants in a single season.

The year 2018
he stars in one of the chapters in the series "Hacedores" produced by Canal IPE and broadcasted by TV Peru.

The same year he is invited as a lecturer at the prestigious University of Lima and holds a photographic exhibition at the University San Martin de Porres.
That year he congregates outstanding international photographers to the photographic workshops:
Ragui Aguilar (Mexico), Luis Muñoz (Colombia), Sergio Vindas (Costa Rica), Camilo Jaramillo (Colombia), Christian Vinces (Peru),
Esteban Toro Martinez (Sony Latin America Ambassador) and Fabrizio Fortuna (Italy).

In 2019
he will give a photographic workshop in La Paz (Bolivia) and organize a photographic tour of the Salar de Uyuni and the Lagunas del altiplano,
bringing together renowned Latin American photographers.

In May he organizes expeditions to the Cordillera Huayhuash (Peru), famous for being one of the most beautiful trekking circuits in the world.
In July he is invited as a lecturer at the "All Photo" Photographic Congress in Medellin (Colombia) and as a speaker at the "Fotofest" photographic festival in Trujillo (Peru).

He is nominated by the Spanish portal "Capture the Atlas" among the 25 best astrophotographers in the world.

In October he is the first Peruvian to be awarded by NASA with the APOD (Astronomy Picture of the Day) for the photograph "Night Sky Reflections from the World's Largest Mirror",
nominated by many media as the best photograph of the Milky Way recorded from Earth.

Thanks to this award, his work was broadcast by renowned international media such as BBC, National Geographic, History, Mirror, Telemundo, among others.

In December he travels to Bogota (Colombia) where he gives a photographic lecture at the photography school Zona Cinco and gives a workshop on photo editing.

The year 2020 begins by launching its course of. "Introduction to Astrophotography" on the prestigious platform of Domestika portal. In February he is invited to collaborate with the production of National Geographic UK for the recording of the new season of the series "One Strange Rock".

The year 2021 is part of the book "Photopillers of the Year" where he is part of the 36 best photographs of 2020 published by Photopills.
He is invited to collaborate as ambassador of the brand of photographic monitors BenQ for Latin America.
The prestigious Larco Museum in Lima, invites him to exhibit in the permanent room dedicated to the Andean Cosmovision and on his photography are designed the iconographic figures of the Inca constellations.

The year 2022 collaborates with National Geographic in the realization of the series. "Welcome to the Earth" presented by Will Smith) and broadcasted on the Disney+ platform. He organizes his photographic expeditions to Iceland during the months of February, March and November 2022.

The year 2023 is invited by the prestigious brand Sony to become part of the Sony Alpha Partner ambassadors for Latin America. It is also the year where he opens more destinations for the Photographic Expeditions: Morocco, Norway and Patagonia (Argentina/Chile).